Paddy growth – Against pests and diseases

The focus is on the prevention and control of rice pests such as stem borers, rice plague, rice borer, blight and other major pests and diseases. We will vigorously promote integrated prevention and control and green prevention and control to improve the effectiveness of prevention and control and to reduce the amount and increase the efficiency of chemical pesticides.

Tiny leafhopper on a corn leaf.

For pests, joint control and zoning are implemented, with a focus on protecting functional foliage. Adult insect trapping measures such as timely field shelving, deep-water pupae control and sex trapping are implemented, while the early egg hatching stage and the low larval stage are seized for control with pesticides to reduce the damage caused by stem decay.

For rice blight and rice borer, highlight the spraying of insurance during the breaking and tapping period, and strictly prevent the occurrence of epidemic of spike neck blight and rice borer. For stripe blight, use the scientific application during the nodulation period to control the extended damage.

Post time: Sep-09-2022