The second week of April–Compound Fertilizer price trend

This week, the price of domestic compound fertilizers has dropped significantly. The transaction price of 45% conventional fertilizers in many places has dropped by about 30-130RMB/MT, and the reduction in the mainstream market is mostly 50-80RMB/MT. This week, the raw materials of compound fertilizers (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium) went down as a whole, and the market has a strong wait-and-see nature. Distributors are afraid of price cuts after receiving the goods, so they postpone or reduce purchases!

It is generally difficult for enterprises to sell goods, and the accumulation of inventory is obvious. In order to alleviate the pressure of inventory, enterprises often cut prices or sell goods with policy concessions. The market has gone down significantly, and more and more low-end offers! ! !

As of April 9th, refer to some domestic ex-factory prices EXW:

45% sulfur-based fertilizer (14-16-15/15-15-15) is at 3100-3200 RMB/MT.

45% chlorine-based fertilizer (15-15-15) is 2750-3010 RMB/MT.



The price of urea in China has dropped sharply this week, and almost all prices have fallen, with a drop of more than 200 RMB/MT.

At present, the ex-factory quotation of small and medium particles in the market is about 2350-2580 RMB/MT! Compared with last week, the price of small and medium-sized particles in the mainstream market fell by 150-200 RMB/MT.

There is a lot of supply, not much demand, and there is no support for export orders for raw materials. It is expected that the market still has room for downside.


Phosphate fertilizer:

This week, the domestic price of monoammonium phosphate is also going down, and the price in many places has been reduced by 50-150 RMB/MT! Since April is the traditional off-season for phosphate fertilizers, the overall demand is less.

In terms of raw materials: synthetic ammonia and sulfur continue to decline, especially synthetic ammonia (Hubei EXW is at 3250-3300 RMB/MT, which is 400-500 RMB/MT lower than last week).

At present, the price of monoammonium phosphate EXW is 3100-3300RMB/MT.

Diammonium phosphate is also running weakly, raw materials continue to fall, the market has become more wait-and-see, and trading and investment are extremely deserted! The exw price of 64% granular diammonium is 3820-3980RMB/MT.



This week, the domestic potassium chloride price dropped sharply, and the domestic, border trade and port prices fell by about 50-250 RMB/MT. Now the market price of potassium 60% crystal produced in China is mostly 3100-3200RMB/MT.

The price of 62% Russian white potassium in the border trade area is mostly 2700-2900 RMB/MT. The price of 62% white potassium at the port is mostly 3200-3400 RMB/MT. The price of potassium sulfate was affected by the drop in the price of potassium chloride, and the price was reduced by about 50-100 RMB/MT.

At present, the price of Xinjiang Luo Potassium 52% powder arrives at about 3700-3800 RMB/MT.

The quotations of 52% powder potassium sulfate EXW of enterprises in Shandong and Hebei are mostly 3800-3900RMB/MT, and the quotations of 50% powder potassium sulfate EXW are 3700-3750RMB/MT.

Northeast enterprises offer 52% powdered potassium sulfate EXW at 3700-3750RMB/MT.

Post time: Apr-13-2023