How to make liquid organic fertilizer for vegetables

How to make liquid organic fertilizer for vegetables

There are vegetable farmers in the villages in the town who specialize in growing vegetables. Since 2001, they have not used chemical fertilizers to grow vegetables. The vegetables are no worse than others. They are always famous for their very fresh and high quality. In fact, the scale of the old man's vegetable cultivation is not large, with only two acres of vegetable plots, all of which are regular seasonal vegetables, and there is no plastic greenhouse. However, even if the vegetables of the old man are planted on the same day as the surrounding family, the vegetables of his family are always on the market 7-10 days in advance, and they are particularly fresh and tender, with very good appearance, excellent quality and high yield. There are obvious differences between similar vegetables, and people who buy vegetables like to buy vegetables from their own homes. What is the reason for this?


The old man is 65 years old this year. Since 1998, more and more people have lived in the town. Vegetables are grown in the village and supplied to the migrant population in the town, and they are produced and sold by themselves. There was an activity of sending science and technology to the countryside, and several agricultural experts came to the town to give lectures. During the break between classes, the old man asked an old professor from the agricultural expert team what fertilizer to use for growing vegetables. The old professor told him that if you want to plant vegetables that grow well, are fresh and tender, have good quality and produce high yields, do not to use chemical fertilizers, but to use organic fertilizers with relatively few pests and diseases.


The old professor introduced him to a homemade organic liquid fertilizer. The method is very simple, and it costs less than a penny and the fertilizer effect is stronger than that of chemical fertilizers. How to make liquid organic fertilizer for vegetables? The specific method is:
Use a large water tank or a large plastic bucket at home, fill half of the capacity of clean water, and pour the fresh domestic garbage such as fresh fruit peels, inedible vegetable leaves, inedible fruits and vegetables, etc.
Then, wrap the gap or the mouth of the barrel with plastic film, cover the lid, and perform anaerobic fermentation.
During the fermentation process, at least every week, uncover the plastic film, stir up and down once with a wooden stick, and then re-close the container mouth to continue the fermentation for 2 to 6 months.
The fermentation time is long when the temperature is low, and the fermentation time is short at high temperature. Under normal circumstances, 3 to 4 months is appropriate, and the viscous liquid is filtered out, which is a very high-quality humic acid fertilizer.

This humic acid fertilizer is very rich in nutrients required by crops, including a large amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and medium and trace element fertilizers, as well as vitamins, amino acids and other substances required by crops. The advantage of this fertilizer is that it integrates all the nutrients needed by crops, which all other fertilizers do not have. Therefore, after using this humic acid fertilizer, it can reduce pests and diseases, and the vegetables grow robustly, appear more tender, oily and water-smooth, and the commerciality is very good.


The old man said that if there was no comparison, the benefits of this humic acid fertilizer would not be found. After two years of specific practice, he found that the fertilizer effect of this humic acid fertilizer is really good. Therefore, his family already has more than 50 tanks and barrels fermenting humic acid fertilizers for many years, without investing a penny, saving a lot of money in fertilizers. This humic acid fertilizer is used as top dressing and foliar spraying of ordinary vegetables. As top dressing, never use the original liquid fertilizer. In general, add 2 to 3 catties of this viscous stock solution to every 100 catties of water, stir evenly, and then pour it. Usually once every 7 to 14 days, the fertilizer effect is several times stronger than that of chemical fertilizers. When foliar spraying fertilizer, generally add about 1 catties per 100 catties of water, once a week, the fertilizer is very obvious.

Therefore, the vegetables of the old man grow rapidly, market early, are very robust, have fewer diseases and insect pests, and use very few insecticides and fungicides. The vegetables he grows are bright and bright in color, very tender, look good, and have good commercial properties. Consumers like them, and similar vegetables are very popular in the market. Therefore, the output value of vegetables per mu of the elderly is two to three times that of others, and the economic income is very high.

Post time: Jun-02-2022