Every flower of a crop depends on fertilizer.


The combination of organic and inorganic fertilizers is an important way to improve soil fertility, combine land use and nutrition, and increase production and income.

The results showed that the combination of chemical fertilizer and straw returning to the field, chemical fertilizer and stable manure, chemical fertilizer and poultry manure, or a new type of organic-inorganic special compound fertilizer had a certain effect on soil fertility.

At the same time, it can make crop production high output, high benefit and high quality.


"Chemical fertilizer is neither toxic nor harmful." as long as it is properly used, it will not be harmful,Only when it is used too much and endangers the environment, will it affect people's health.

Chemical fertilizer is indispensable for agricultural production.

As long as scientific fertilization, good use of good things, for agricultural production, for people's diet is good.


In the thousands of years of Chinese agricultural civilization, the role of organic fertilizer is very important.

Organic fertilizer has comprehensive nutrition.

All kinds of elements can fertilize the soil, which can bring more carbon and make the soil more fertile.

We should encourage people to use organic fertilizer and combine organic and inorganic fertilizer, especially in cash crops.

Post time: May-06-2021