Seven Advantages of Organic Fertilizer

The most important role of Organic Fertilizer is to improve the soil organic matter, improve the physical and chemical properties of soil, improve the ability of soil water conservation and fertilizer conservation, and help crops increase yield and increase income.

Advantage 1Organic fertilizer improve the fertility of soil

Principle: The trace elements in soil can not be absorbed directly by crops, and the metabolites of microorganisms can dissolve these trace elements and convert them into nutrients that can be directly absorbed and utilized by crops.

On the basis of increasing organic matter, organic matter makes soil form good granular structure and is more conducive to the good fertility supply capacity.

Soil that has been used organic fertilizer will become more loose and fertile.

Advantage 2:Organic fertilizer promote microbial activities

Principle: Organic fertilizer can make the microorganism in the soil propagate in large quantity, especially beneficial microorganism, can decompose the organic matter in the soil, loosen the soil, increase the soil nutrient and water, and eliminate the soil binding obstacle.

Organic fertilizer can also inhibit the reproduction of harmful bacteria and improve the resistance of crops.

Advantage 3:Organic fertilizer provide comprehensive nutrition and degradation of heavy metal ions in soil

Principle: Organic fertilizer contains a large number of nutrients, trace elements, sugars, etc., and can release carbon dioxide for photosynthesis.

Organic fertilizer also contains nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, which can provide a variety of nutrients for crops.

Moreover, organic fertilizer can absorb the heavy metal ions of soil and effectively reduce the harm.

Advantage 4: Organic fertilizer enhance the resistance of crops

Principle: Organic fertilizer can enhance the resistance of crops and reduce the occurrence of diseases.

At the same time, the soil is loose, the survival environment of root system is improved, the root growth is promoted and the waterlogging tolerance of crops can be improved.

Advantage 5: Organic fertilizer  improve food safety

Principle: The nutrients contained in organic fertilizer are harmless, non-toxic and pollution-free substances, which also provides security for safe and green food, and reduces the harm of heavy metals to human body.

Advantage 6.: Organic fertilizer  increase crop yield

Principle: The metabolites produced by beneficial microorganisms in organic fertilizer can promote the root growth of crops, and also promote the flowering and fruit setting rate, increase crop yield and achieve the effect of increasing yield and increasing income.

Advantage 7: Organic fertilizer reduce nutrient loss

Principle 1: Organic fertilizer can increase the ability of soil water conservation and fertilizer conservation, improve soil structure, thus reducing nutrient loss, and beneficial microorganisms can remove phosphorus and potassium, and improve the effective utilization of fertilizer.

Principle 2: In the future, with the development of ecological agriculture, organic fertilizer will be widely used, effectively reducing agricultural production costs and reducing environmental pollution.

Post time: May-06-2021